Still agriculture is a dominating sector in Albania. It generates 19% of the GDP and employs 46% of th Albanian work force. In common, these figures illustrate the biggest strength and the biggest weakness of this sector:

MarktStandThe isolationism of the past communist regieme didn’t provide investments in this sector. This still results in poor productivity. The advantage is a high degree of organic and sustainable (“ancient”) methods of production. Chemical fertilizers are still rarely used. Lack of Industry protected from contermination. It begins to show that agriculture emerges as a central area for investments. Still, a number of challenges have to be met:

  • curtail rural depopulation – this requires investments into (vocational) training.
  • Create awarenes for the quality (organic!) of the products – requires marketing.
  • Improve water supplies and drains.
  • Improve infrastructure and eechnology.  But don’t switch to agricultural industry.
  • Support unionizing of local farmers – requires paradigm shift.
  • Improvement and / or installation of  processing equipment locally.
  • The improvement of infrastructure (traffic & energy ) will lead to significant stimulus in this sector.

As mentioned above, most of the products are free from artificial additives and pesticides. This fact, together with the rather small size of the country, makes it advisable to concentrate on quality organic quality nutrition. A special application area can be the utilisation of plants and herbs in terms of medical capabilities, vegetables (fresh, dried, frozen or preserved), products from olives, fish, etc.

OliveAfter a bad year in 2014 – this year was generally bad for olives – the olive harvest of 2015 was quite good.

Last year’s results of vegetables were very positive, as the expectations for this season are. Vegetables are available all the year, in August and September the “true”, the outdoor vegetables are gathered. The most common fruits are apples, peaches, dates, plums, cherries and oranges.

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