ICT Outsourcing

The ICT Sector is growing rapidly. It is one of the most dynamic sectors in the country. Die IKT-Branche in Albanien wächst schnell und ist damit einer der dynamischsten Industriezweige des Landes. The decicive factors for this growth are:

  • The number of young, well-educated ICT experts is far above everage. having received academic education locally, or are repatriates. Professional and language skills are comparably high. Virtually every ICT expert speaks fluent English. 
  • A “strategy for a digital society” has been set up over the recent years, and actions have been taken to take Albania into the digital age rapidly.
  • Legislation has deregulated the telecom branch. In accordance wih the legal regulations of the EU, competition in that sector is encouraged.
  • In 2007 the die Nationale Agency of Information Society (NAIS) is speeding up the development of an information society and of  E-Government Services. Nearly 80% of the services of  on the governmental level and more than 50% of the G2B E-Services have been made available.
  • From the technical point of view the location of IT Services and their fulfillment is not important. Nevertheless, proximity helps on the organisational level. Albanias position, the ease of travel and the low labour costs make the counrty attractive.

In the recent years, a number of large international projects have been successfully completed in a co-operation of  foreign companies and Albanian partners.

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