Albania has rich natural resources including chrome, copper, nickel and coal. Volume and quality of chrome are excellent. It is noteworthy, that Albania was the third-largest producer or chrome before 1990. Currently, Albania is the only country still having considerable reserves of that resource.
Mining in Albania has been privatized. Government offers licenses for construction and operation of mines. Der Bergbau in Albanien wurde privatisiert und die Regierung bietet auch derzeit Konzessionen für Errichtung und Betrieb von Minen an. According to „National Agency of Natural Resources“, more than 700 local and foreign companies are operating, 600 of them have upright licenses. Government executes a policy of strict examination, if the licenses are used actively. If not, the license expires and will be tendered to companies for active use. Many of the companies don’t own the required machinery, technology and capital to make active use of the licenses. Hence, many of the licenses expire on a regular basis, opening opportunities for others.

The three largest copper mines are operated on the basis of 30-years-licenses. Other mines licensed are the chrome mines of  Bulqiza, Katjel and Poljska, the copper mines of  Lak Rosh and Karme, and the bitumen mine of Selenica. The strategy for development of mining industries in Albania provides increase of productivity as well as promotion of local processing of chrome, copper and nickel. In order to facilitate mining and refinement of other minerals such as bitumen, olivine, basalt,  gemstone, etc., investment in modern technology is required.

Whilest exploration, mining and refinery are key components of the traditional Albanian mining industry, it becomes evident, that investments – in particular in infrastructure and technology –  are indispensible pre-requisites for sustainable growth in this sector. Thus, Albania is permanently seeking financially strong investors.

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