In order to satisfy the increasing demand, Albania relies to 98% on hydrolic power. Despite the excellent possibilities to generate additional power from water, Albania is still dependent on energy import. At the same time, the country exports energy. Therefore high effort is made to become self-sufficient regarding energy. In the medium term, Albania wants to becom a mayor player on the energy market.

In the course of the recent years, the government grantet a huge number of licenses for construction and operation of small-sized power plants, to local and foreign investors. These small plants depend very much on the respective weather situation. Hence the government concurrently licenced large river plants. This led to opposition by local groups and environmental activists. In the end, not all such investments have turned into success. Some aspects need to be met and matched:

  • The situation regarding existing energy export contracts is quite unclear.
  • Missing strategy: River plants, small-size plants, wind energy plants, solar energy plants and biomass plants shall be promoted at the same time.
  • Market situation is unclear (behold the current conflicts regarding unpaid invoices).
  • Extreme uncertainty about licenses of plants already in operation or already under construction.
  • The electricity is overage and frequently overloaded.
  • Tax benefits are offered for machinery and equipment of  renewable energy plants and  for plants producing above 5 MW.
  • Licenses granted to power plant projects and at the same time dedication of  the respective watershed to protected landscape, as happened in Osumi, Vjosa und Drin.

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